I am a certified yoga instructor with a passion for social change and global unity. I believe that in order to heal the world, we must first bring balance to our own lives. 




The literal meaning of yoga is to "unite." Bringing the body and breath into harmonious union is a proven tool to improve health. There are countless ways a regular practice can promote a more balanced life. You will see changes in your child's confidence, attitude, and physical ability after the first class.

There is no subsitute for a healthy diet. That is why I believe that there is a striking balance that occurs when yoga is coupled with a nutritious lifestyle. There is so much that can be said about starting off your child early with the tools necessary to lead a healthy life. .


My journey through yoga has taught me that anyone can benefit from yoga, especially those who have faced severe trauma in their lives. In June 2014 I completed a yoga teacher training through Uprising Yoga, a program dedicated to bringing yoga into the lives of incarcerated youth in Los Angeles.